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Wholesale Glass Bottles, Jars and Containers for your eco friendly glass packaging needs

Couronne Co. is a manufacturer and distributor of wholesale recycled glass bottles, glass jars and glass containers catering to the cosmetic and fragrance industries as well as the herbal, food, gourmet food, bath & body, and spirit industries. All of Couronne's glass for packaging needs are eco-friendly.

- Couronne Co. is also a manufacturer and distributor of wholesale recycled glass vases, glass bowls, glass candle containers and metal designs catering to the floral and wedding industries as well as the gift, furnishing, home accents, home accessories, spa, craft, and candle manufacturer and retailers.

- Elegant, affordable and eco-friendly, Couronne Co. glassware are a must have in today's home décor trends and a top seller for most retailers.


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8 Colors, 8 ShapesGlass Packaging

Glass Bottles, Jars, Candle Containers & Accessories
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8 Colors, 8 ShapesHanging Rooter Vases

Our Top Show Seller - Increase Your Sales with Bright High Quality Glass Rooters!

Eco Friendly Glass Bottles and JarsWedding Accessories

Recycled glass vases, candle containers, and serving platters help create the perfect wedding centerpieces.

Bird FeedersBird Feeders

Bird feeding designs ideal for garden centers, bird stores, and gift shops.

Discounted Glassware
Don't forget to view our glass bottles, jars and vases specials. Discounts range from 15 - 30% off.
Custom Glass Bottles and jars Designs
Our custom glass design page is your first step to finding our moreabout designing your own custom glass bottles, jars, vases and bowls.
Discounted Glass Items with Imperfections

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Couronne Company is a wholesale glassware and metal designs manufacturer and distributor specializing in the recycled glass industry. Our line includes glass bottles, glass jars, glass bowls, candle glass containers, glass vases and more all catering to the gift, home décor and packaging industry. Choose from our extensive line of stock items, or contact us to manufacture a custom design. We also manufacture a line of exclusive metal designs that, teamed with our glass containers and glass bottles, create a unique decorative piece. Whether you are a retailer looking for new product lines, or a manufacturer searching for glass packaging solutions bottles or jars, Couronne Co. has something for you.